Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Dinobot Snarl (Legacy Evolution/Core Class)

Halfway to Halloween is the perfect time to take a look at a Snarl toy. Long time readers know about my Snarl Halloween costume, but in this case it's time we got back to our look at the Core Class Dinobots from Transformers Legacy Evolution. Like the other Core Class Dinobots, Snarl is small and a little blocky. Small, because he's a Core Class. The blockiness obviously also comes due to his smaller size and brings a level of old school charm. It's impossible not to compare this set to Dinoking, which possibly could be coming out later made from this set of molds. I hope it does, Dinoking is pretty great. Volcanicus, the combiner this set, is also pretty great and so is this set of figures. It's really hard to complain about a dinosaur combiner robot.

Snarl, of course, transforms into a stegosaurus. Dinosaur mode is pretty faithful, though I can see others take issue with his hind legs. Those are formed from Snarl's robot mode arms and the feet are at his elbows. This leads to his forearms effectively hanging out the back of the feet and impossible to ignore. In a larger toy, these would fold up. It doesn't bother me as the size and combining nature of the toy will lead to some compromises. I can see how it would turn off some though. Transformation is pretty easily and everything goes where you'd expect too by looking at it. You do have to remove the red portion of the dino back and manually attach it to the robots back. Theirs also a little maneuvering of this piece when converting Snarl to Volcanicus's right leg. So try not to loose it.

Snarl comes with a sword. The sword can be mounted to the top of the dinosaur or beneath. It goes without saying he can hold it in robot mode, but it also can be mounted on his back as that's the same part as the dino back. In robot mode Snarl is fairly faithful to his classic design. He's not as blocky as some of the other Dinobots and probably could have been a stand alone toy. I normally favor Snarl figures, but this one really is a good little toy. Just two more Dinobots to look at until Volcanicus!

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