Friday, April 26, 2024

Concept Art Decepticon Rumble (Studio Series/Core Class)

I've been a pretty big fan of the Bumblebee movie since it's release, which isn't a secret on this site. Even for those who weren't a fan of that movie, almost everyone LOVED the opening sequence. It's literally what Transformers fans wanted ever since the live action movies were announced. The various designs from that sequence have found their way to toy form as individual Studio Series releases to much popularity. Following suit, toys based on the Concept Art for that scene have begun seeing the light of day in Studio Series starting with Rumble. We'll be taking a look at him today. 

Yes, he's blue.

This time.

Rumble is a very cool little toy. When I say little, I mean it. He's tiny. Which is what you'd expect for a a cassette bot, but it does throw one off initially. Rumble is about the same size as the Studio Series 86 version of Rumble/Frenzy and matches with the Studio Series Core Class Ravage from a few years ago (I don't think I ever covered him here). Like that Ravage, he also works as a data cartridge type thing that the matching Studio Series Soundwave toy (whom I also don't think was covered here) can carry in his chest ala G1. The alt mode can also be a sort of flight mode I assume, it does look like one of the entry mode from from the 2007 movie preview toys. As a robot, Rumble is pretty sharp looking. He's this small little robot with his famous pile driver piston arms. Unlike the Studio Series 86 version, those do not convert into regular arms. In true live action movie fashion, his arms are just weapons. Rumble's head is fairly traditional although sporting a mouth plate as opposed to his normally open face. It really fits his overall look here and kinda makes him look like a Combaticon. Considering the brutality of the live action movie series... it fits.

Rumble looks like he's out to cause as much destruction as possible for such a little shit. Like Ravage, he also comes with guns that he doesn't personally wield. They store on his back which gives him a slightly traditional appearance, however cannot be held by Rumble himself (aside from alt mode storage). Instead, and also like the gun that comes with Ravage, it's a weapon for Soundwave. The two pieces can be combined and form another gun. I like how both Ravage and Rumble are effectively upgrade kits for Soundwave and wonder if a gift set containing them all will be released. Maybe a Soundblaster version. Rumble is very articulated for such a little guy. It's likely due to his transformation, but not complaining. I was very happy to see Rumble in the Easter Basket given to me by the Mrs and am very pleased with him overall. He's a cool little toy that interacts with another cool toy. What's not to like about that?

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