Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Frenzy (Red) (Studio Series/Core Class)

I've never been  a stickler for which of the Decepticon tapes is which. RIRFIB, FIRRIB... whatever. I've always taken whichever is whomever depending on how they are being presented at the time. Not to mention, whichever the red one is supposed to be in any incarnation is black. There's about as much red  if I got my thighs and shoulders sunburned at the beach. Regardless, in the cartoons, Frenzy is normally the black and red one with the toys being opposite. This is a Studio Series 86 toy, which represents Frenzy as he appeared in the 1986 animated movie. So that's that. I unfortunately never got the Rumble that came out last year (dammit), so this is my first time with the mold. It's a fun little toy that I was overjoyed to find among the Christmas gifts from my wife.

Even for a Core Class, Frenzy is TINY. That's to be expected considering his cassette alt mode. Said alt mode is fully compatible with Siege Soundwave. Frenzy comes with snap on arm pile drivers and signature Thruster Guns. The guns can be held or worn on his back, almost identically the G1 toy. Frenzy is VERY similar to his G1 toy, but smaller. It's pretty neat. He has the expected amount of articulation aside from the elbows. Transformation is pretty easily and similar to other variations of this idea. For the most part Frenzy is fairly screen accurate with his sculpting and colors being almost perfect. I say almost as there's only so close a working Transformer is going to get to the cartoon model... especially for $10. I'd imagine Microman fans would like this toy too as it's very similar to the original Micro Cassette Robo Micross. Frenzy is a neat figure and a good representation of his G1 cartoon self. The tiny size is hard to resist and the pile drivers are neat. I've always had a soft spot for the cassettes, especially the initial batch. Not to mention being a Core Class, I was destined to like this toy as is. Though I'd have a hard time believing anyone could not like this little hellion.

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