Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Neo Micro Battler Arom (Battle Tribes)

This past Saturday was Microman Day, a day that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Microman toy line. With this year being the 40th Anniversary of Transformers, it's absolutely important to take a look back at the building blocks of Transformers as we know it. Microman's place in Transformers history is without doubt obvious. Micronauts which was also made from Microman prior to the launch of Transformers is important to observe. Last year Battle Tribes by Spy Monkey Creations offered a complete Micronaut homage set in their Battle Tribes wave 32. They have prior homaged the Mego line, but this set was particularly great. 

Arom is a translucent green Micro using the Micro Battlers wrestling body. As such he comes with a variety of extra parts. Additional boots, trunks, extra heads (many food themed), a tector belt, and matching mini wrestler partner. Arom is a really cool homage to the classic Microman and Micronauts toys. Battle Tribes are a fun Glyos toy line featuring various fantasy and wrestling figures in a variety of options. Being Glyos toys, their interchangeable nature is a perfect match for a Micro update. We'll be taking a look at the Microman/Micronauts flavored wave 32 over the next few weeks here on Zone Base. 2024 looks to be a special year in the world of Takara SF. Arom is here to help celebrate.

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