Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The Mandelorian (Epic Hero Series)

Hasbro's newest Star Wars series just launched at the beginning of the year in January, though it wasn't until mid February that my local Walmart started stocking them. I was initially interested in them from early reports (and was under the assumption they were Walmart exclusive). After dipping my toes in the Epic Hero waters am firmly hooked. I got my first one when they first started showing up locally and he's the subject of today's post. The Mandalorian is Star War's newest hero starring in his own series alongside that adorable Grogu (who has his own Epic Hero toy). Mando (as his friends call him) is a cool gunslinger who's everything you want in a Star Wars character post original trilogy. He's represented well here in this new EPIC HERO SERIES figure format.

What makes an Epic Hero Series? Hell if I know, but what I can tell it's a throwback to the classic Star Wars figures of old. I'm thinking these are along the lines of Hasbro's 'Core Class' style figures with a more exciting name. A simpler figure at a lower cost intended for children. Din Djarin (as people who can pronounce it call him) is a 4" action figure with 5 points of articulation. That's a little bigger than the Kenner figures we associate with Star Warriors (normally 3 3/4"), but overall mighty similar. Din is decently sculpted and comes with both his trademark blaster pistol and the Darksaber that he carried for a while. He also has a removable plastic cape and little ports in his forearms. A good bit of the figures in this series has these. While I don't have any that utilize the ports yet, I'm assuming it's for sharing accessories. The figure is obviously kept simple with basic articulation and minimal paint apps for budget. Regardless, it still looks pretty good and as someone who swears by Kenner style figures... I like it! Sure it's a little bigger than I have come to expect, but I have big hands. That extra 1/4" isn't super noticeable to me. I look forward to getting more of these cool little figures.

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