Friday, March 29, 2024

Jonsen BB-03JS (BeastBox)

After the end of a long day, I just want to relax. Jonsen feels the same. He's had a long day and just wants to get some rest in his portable energy bath container. If a hot springs variation of a robot monkey is what you're after, BeastBox has just the toy for you. Jonsen is a special edition of their JoJo figure that I picked up a Teso Life a few weeks ago. Jonsen is a Japanese Macaques, a snow monkey that likes to soak in the hot springs of Japan. I initially thought he was a Yeti due to his molds origin as a robotic gorilla. It's impossible not to like Jonsen with his cloth onsen towel (to cover his shame) and Portable Energy Bath Container.

The bath, is a clever reuse of a Box Charger. The plastic is frosted (must be all that steam) and has a lovely bit of artwork that can be mounted on it's open lid to complete the experience. It really is a creative use of the Box Charger. Jonsen is a pleasantly articulated bot whose big arms can be used in a quadruped stance or bipedal while he punches somebody with those giant fists. Transformation to box mode as very easy. Everything just kinda folds into place and you can pretty much figure out how with a little fiddling.

Considering relaxation is his whole gimmick, it's only appropriate that transformation would be a breeze. Jonsen has a really characterful design highlighted by a really pleasant color scheme. The JoJo mold is available in a variety of colors and generally pretty great in all of them. However, Jonsen's colors are extremely pleasant which adds to whole package of this toy. It just makes you smile. Have a great day everyone.

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