Saturday, March 30, 2024

Ghosterbusters: Frozen Empire

I just got home from my first movie of the Empire of Old double feature weekend. I have been looking for the newest Ghostbusters movie since it was announced and despite my viewing being delayed a week, was VERY excited to see the newest adventure. Considering the movie is just a week old at this point and just opening in other countries now... I'll try my best to avoid spoilers. That being said, this was an absolute blast. Frozen Empire feels more like a feature length episode of the Real Ghostbusters than a movie. One of the new team members is even a direct homage to the animated version of Egon.

That's a good thing as after 40 years I want to feel the 40 years of Ghostbusters in the newest movie. Frozen Empire is a solid adventure with a great story. Garraka is a solid final boss and a serious threat. I enjoyed the idea of getting the chills being used as weapon. As a long time Ghostbusters fan, the variety of ghosts and gadgets was pure euphoria. The various story lines of each character was a real treat as well. There was a big cast and everyone had their own thing going on in addition to the main plot.That made the movie so much better, there was just so much going on. My only disappointment was when it ended. Great movie.

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