Friday, February 16, 2024

Strongarm (Legacy: Evolution/Deluxe Class)

Longtime readers of this site probably know I'm a big fan of both Transformers Robots in Disguise series (despite being peeved at the confusing name reuses). So it's probably to no surprise that I was excited to see the new version of Strongarm from RID 2015 under the tree. Once again the Mrs came through with another great gift. Strongarm is a Legacy: Evolution toy, so the differences in the design process from her original release around 9 years ago is very evident. However, unlike her original toy, this figure isn't an original work. Strongarm is a heavy retool and repaint of the Legacy Elita-1 figure. I haven't gotten around to opening that one yet, so this is my first time with the mold. It's fairly common for Transformers toys to reuse engineering like this to save costs, though I might not have noticed it if not told ahead of time. It's fairly extensive.

One of the reasons I liked the original Strongarm toy was for it's strong resemblance to early 90's Transformers figures. She could easily blend in next to Pyro, Clench, or Skyquake. That resemblance is back with this new toy, though now I liken it more to how she would have appeared in a UK comic around that time. There's just a certain something about her sculpting that looks like she could have been in an Earthforce story or a member of the Survivors. Strongarm once again turns into her Police SUV alt mode, though it's a bit smaller this time. I think it's fair to consider this more of a Crossover vehicle than a SUV. I like it and thanks to it's smallness and blocky appearance am strongly reminded of Tackle. With another head, I'm sure a reasonable update of him could be made from this. Transformers has been around for 40 years, so it's hard not to be reminded of other things at times. I like that and this toy.

Strongarm is fairly articulated. However, her shoulder kibble does impede movement some. Ironically this was more of a problem with toys from Robots in Disguise 2001 and not at all a problem with the Robots in Disguise 2015 she hails from. Strongarm comes with a Blaster that looks kinda similar to the one included with her original toy. As a Police vehicle, she has a light bar. Said light bar can be removed and placed elsewhere on Strongarm. I left it on her back as it just seems natural. The truck mode does feature rocket boosters on the rear . This is a holdover from the Elita-1 design that looks kind of cool here. Something about a rocket powered Police SUV seems out of a video game and I'm all for it. Strongarm is a cool toy and it's great to see character from Robots in Disguise 2015 making a return. Hopefully more of the cast will come soon. Like Steeljaw. Specifically.

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