Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Hidden Hatchers wave 1 (Fierce Changers)

Fierce Changers is a fun new series of Jurassic World toys that features transforming dinosaur toys. There's a variety of size classes coming, but today we'll be looking at the initial batch of the Hidden Hatchers variety. Hidden Hatchers are a smaller set of figure that transform into eggs. Simple, yet fun little toys that obviously appeal to the egg bot fan in me. In this initial batch, we have Blue (a velociraptor), Tyrannosaurus Rex, Indominus Rex, and Dilophosaurus. The four seem to all share engineering and parts aside from their heads. It doesn't take away from the the little dinos and I had a lot of fun with the silly little things. It's hard not to enjoy the cute sculpts and stomp them around. Transformation to egg form is pretty easy, though in some instances I had to get the head positioned just right to make it work. The Indominus Rex was the biggest trouble maker in that instance. Egg mode isn't as smooth as a Tamagoras, but serviceable. Fierce Changers looks to be a fun new little series of Jurassic World toys. There's figures that change from one dino to another, and even a large T-Rex that converts into the classic Jurassic Park Jeep. I'm looking forward to getting more of these adorable little terrors. Good job Mattel.

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