Monday, December 18, 2023

Last Monday I gave you my.... I don't know guys, Mondays suck

Another weekend has come and gone leaving us with just one more week until Christmas! With Christmas and New Years Day happening over the next few weeks, I'm sure you all will understand those weeks being light on content while I take a little break to enjoy the holidays. That being said, this week is going to have a lot going on! I've got a fun week planned and hopefully the new Transform Squadron episode will go up! 

This weekend was mostly spent finishing up Christmas shopping. However, I finally got to watch Godzilla Minus One as my local theaters finally started showing it at a time I could go. I also took advantage of some deals on the Walmart app and got the 1986 movie edition vintage reissue Hound and Hot Rod for 9$ each. Not to be outdone, I finally tracked down Beast Alliance Airrazor! Aside from those Burning Battle Masters from Japan, I've completed the line. Maybe one day I'll get them. After Godzilla, I used a gift card from my Father in law to buy a Taito Super Pocket. The Super Pockets are a new Evercade model in the vein of the classic Gameboy. I'd been wanting to get in the Evercade world and mission accomplished!

I've got a busy day and week ahead of me. Something about this time of the year. Thanks to each and every one of you for continuing to support Zone Base! I've got a fun week in store! Mutal High Fives all around!

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