Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Battletrap (Autobots Unite/ Power Plus)

Autobots Unite is a rather odd little sub-line from the Rise of the Beasts movie toys. It's basically all reissues of the Energon Igniters figures from the Bumblebee movie that I went nuts for here with the exception of Battletrap, the only new toy. Battletrap so far has only 2 toys despite being an on screen character. A Studio Series Voyager and this. I don't mind it... but find his lack of toys odd. This is also a straight repaint of the Ironhide Energon Igniters toy. At first I thought this was a weird choice... but it really does work even if not very screen accurate. As you'd guess with the Power Plus class name, there is an an additional 'Energon Core' included.

The Energon Core is a small motor block that can connect to a compatible figure adding a pull-back gimmick to the vehicle and adds to the appearance in some cases. A Power class figure from the Energon Igniters figure could fairly be called an up-scaled Legend/Legion/Speed Series toy. For me, they drew heavy mental comparisons to G2 figures in stature and build. They're simple and not for everyone. I'm pretty sure the types they're not for don't read this site.

Battletrap turns into a 70's/80's-ish pick up truck similar to the one in the movie but without the towing attachment. I didn't really mind that and in his 'attack mode', Battletrap really looks cool. He's a straight repaint of the Ironhide figure... but the new deco really looks good here. It's a simple set of colors, but Battletrap is a nice looking little figure. I don't have to tell you than transformation is simple and articulation is limited. You can tell from the pictures. Considering I paid $4 for him at Ross, I'm not complaining. In Energon Igniters, this class generally cost around $15. I'm not sure if Autobots Unite was supposed to be a discount line or not as they seemingly never appeared in stores until now at liquidation type places. I did see some more in the same class for $8 at the same Ross, so I have no clue what price he'd if you were to find one. At $4 though... I'm happy.

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