Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Jawbreaker BB-25 (BeastBox)

Jawbreaker is a BeastBox just so full of character. Just look at that face! He also shares some parts/engineering with the same mold used for SubZero (whom I love). However, unlike other toys that reuse molds... he's not just another repaint. Jawbreaker is his own toy. He's great! As you can tell by the pics, Jawbreaker is a robotic dinosaur/kaiju that of course transforms into a box. I like to think of him as the Anguirus to SubZero's Godzilla, though the Snarl lover in me can't help but to see a little Desert Warrior in him.

Thanks to his deco, I also can't help but to make Evangelion comparisons either. His colors are so close to Unit-01 that I can't ignore it. *Edit* I was just made aware that it's actually a homage to Zero Wing, that's pretty amazing (thanks for the heads up, FoxxFiveFive!). Jawbreakers transformation into box mode very similarly to SubZero. That's to be expected with the shared engineering. I don't mind it though and they're different enough that it's easily overlook-able. This is a great addition to the BeastBox ranks. He just has so much character that it's impossible to hate him. Just look at that face! 

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