Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SubZero (BB29SZ)

Answering the question, 'What if Godzilla was a robot... not MechaGodzilla... and was icy' is SubZero. A BeastBox robotic kaiju who breaths freezing cold blasts. SubZero is a pleasant toy that, like all BeastBox figures, converts into a box. I was inspired to play with mine while watching the Godzilla channel on Pluto TV and am glad I did. SubZero has plenty of plates similar to Godzilla along his back and tail that I just love. His arms and legs feature adequate articulation, but the tail can move a lot more than expected.

I always liked the industrial signage Zoids and other toys would feature and love it here. With those blue and grey colors on that sculpting, SubZero feels like something TOMY released in the 80's. Just with modern technology. His jaw opens to show you some radical teeth. There's a neat included blast effect that plugs into that open mouth so he can breathe an icy blast. I really appreciate the digital details. Maybe SubZero is causing Gridman some trouble. Transformation to box is pretty detailed and everything has to be in the right place. That can be frustrating until you get the hang of it. The box is a very compact and satisfying mechanical cube and fits nicely into the included Box Charger allowing for stacking of your BeastBox toys while looking nice. The blast effect can fit in the Box Charger for easy storage as well. Not every frosty robot kaiju turns into a box, but that's what makes this one so special.

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