Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Dinobot Scarr (Legacy: Evolution/Core Class

Getting back to the Core Class Dinobots I started talking about a little while back with Grimlock is Scarr, whom we'll be looking at today. In the IDW comics, Scarr (spelled Skar there) is the Tactical Medic of the Dynobots. I'd like to think this set represents another version of the team as a combiner team. Scarr transforms into an Ankylosaurus and the left arm of Volcanicus. For many of us, there was an instant comparison to Gairyu when Scarr's images first got out. It's almost impossible not to make that comparison.

Like Grimlock before... there's no ignoring the fact that Skarr is a combiner component. I can look past it seeing the larger picture, but I know others can't. He's a smaller toy at a lower price who's one part of a bigger thing. There's going to be some compromises, the Real World is more than a long running TV show. Scarr is pretty neat though, he's this chonky little fellow that's hard to dislike. Scarr's gun is one of Volcanicus's fists. That's a fun way of using the combiner parts in the individual robot modes that's been done before. I personally couldn't stop comparing it to toys like the Micromaster Combiners or Landcross. I really liked those so the comparisons made it impossible for me to dislike. Your mileage may vary. It's worth noting that Monstructor and Dinoking had the same type of weapon/parts. Hrm. Scarr is a great addition to the Dinobots and one I could see being a member of the original gang. So far this set is pretty great and the similarities to older combiner teams is awesome. 

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