Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Grimlock (Legacy Evolution/Core Class)

I really like the Dinobots, Core Class, and Volcanicus. What happenes when all three of those things are combined? You get a Core Class version of Volcanicus! Obviously this is something I'm interested in and happily found Grimlock before seeing Rise of the Beasts a little while back. There's no denying Grimlock's very blocky proportions. Make no mistake about it, this is a small combiner peice and some sacrifices were clearly made. Giving you a simple and blocky robot mode and one awkward dinosaur.. I'll admit my forgivness is heavily influenced by the smaller Pretender toy vibes I get from the toy. Not to mention, I'm used to giving combiner limbs a pass.

There's often some comprimisng done in the individual toy as part of the overall team. I know I'm not the only person to make the comparison, but there's a heavy Dinoforce vibe with this set and hopefully a remold results in an update of that team as well. Perhaps even a future Monstructor. That'd be great. I also can't help but to make mental comparisons to Pretender Grimlock as well. It's not an exact comparison, but there's some familiarity. The gun made from the tail bit contributes to that. Grimlock is a pretty decent little figure. On his own, maybe not so great, but as part of a neat looking combiner... yeah he's ok. Part of me wants to see him worked into a Pretender update as well.

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