Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Silver Shamrock Trio (Toony Terrors)

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch doesn't have Michael Myers in it. It is a 41 year old movie and that still needs to be explained. John Carpenter really didn't want to  make a Halloween 2, let alone a part 3. So by part 3, he decided to make it an anthology series... which didn't exactly go over to well as the prior two movies were a direct series. So from then on, Michael was the main antagonist with the only deviation being Corey in Halloween Ends. That too has more than it's share of hate. Clearly it's Michael Myers only for the series in most peoples eyes (the darkest eyes)... and that's understandable. However, Halloween 3 is freaking awesome. Hokey and silly, sure, but freaking awesome. It's the only Halloween movie where the holiday is the actual focus. It's like a holiday special on steroids and thankfully it's getting it's due in more recent years. More and more folks are appreciating what a select few of us have been regarding highly this entire time. Fortunately that also means more merchandise!

Neca made a great set of of Silver Shamrock masked trick or treaters a while back, last year they introduced the kids in their cool Toony Terrors line. The Mrs and I exchange gifts at Halloween and I was absolutely overjoyed to see that The Great Pumpkin brought me this cool set. Toony Terrors is Neca's take on classic horror characters in an animated style, I like to compare them to Scooby Doo or Fright Features versions. I've got a few and they're great. This set of the kids is really cool and fits the cartoon theme well. The trio appear in Halloween 3 during the epic montage that's the epitome of local Halloween TV programming for a generation. Even if you don't like the movie, you like them. They're so popular they even appeared alongside Michael Myers in the more recent movies. However... they're still kids. With all the spooky and scariness of the holiday, kids going trick or treating is at the very heart of it. And these kids are the perfect poster children (no pun intended...but I like it) for the spooky season.

As Toony Terrors, you've got a solid set of the 3 kids going trick or treating wearing their Silver Shamrock masks. Each one has a bag for collecting candy and wearing a costume made from various items and their masks. Now to be clear, these are not super articulated action figures. They're more along the lines of expressive display pieces. There's a small range of movement in the arms and a small amount in the legs/feet. The witch, for example, can either put her hand on her hip in a sassy manner, or that arm can hold her masks hood open. You can use that arm to hold her bag... but it's not as natural looking. Skeleton kid can hold up his pillow case from the sides or top. You can tell he's excited. The pumpkin headed one is taller and has more of an awkward stance. I like to think he's nearing the end of his trick or treating years and is feeling a bit out of place. He's kinda just slumping there. The pumpkin kid has always been my favorite of the 3 and this figures just adds to that. I could see him getting really into Radiohead and writing bad poetry. Well... assuming he makes it out after the big give away.

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