Friday, October 29, 2021

Two more days till Halloween...

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is one of my favorite movies. When it comes to the Halloween movies, the first 3 are my favorites. I loved the idea of turning the movies into an anthology series based around the holiday. However you can't rewrite history and they already had made two movies about the same story by the time they had the idea. Last year when Neca announced they were released a set of figures based on the doomed trick or treaters from H3... I was sold instantly. I found them in January. I chose to cover them now. Seemed fitting.

Inside the themed box is the figures representing different costumed kids from the infamous montage sequence from the movie. Each kid has trick or treat bags and two separate versions of the masks. One as it should be, the other as they're dying after watching the big giveaway. If you remember the scene of Little Buddy writhing around on the floor while snakes and all sorts of nasty creatures poured from his face then you know what I mean. The set also comes with a lenticular screen TV to recreate the scene. Fun fact, the original planned ending of the movie was all the screams of the dying children. They didn't go with that, but you can pretend it did with this set of toys!

The level of detail is pretty amazing. Each mask had it's Silver Shamrock button and really looks like it's on screen counterpart. The kids are pleasantly articulated and you can swap around the cloth costumes and accessories if you want. I really should have paired the witches cape with the pumpkin kid for the picture to be screen accurate, but that's how she came out of the box. This is a great set of figures of one of my favorite movies. As the season winds down to a close they felt just right to play with. Halloween is Sunday, that means we've got an entire weekend of spooky fun ahead. I know just the movie to watch.

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