Friday, October 20, 2023

Skywasp (Creatures Collide/Deluxe Class)

Down the hall is a scary scene, a familiar foe whose familiarity is seldom seen. Déjà vu and a triple threat.

The main event of the Creatures Collide box set is here! Skywasp is one doozy of an homage heavy toy. Skywasp is a Predacon, whose roots go all the way back to the unreleased Halloween Horrorcons I've spoken about in the past. Not just looking back to that sadly unreleased set, he's also a homage to the 2015 BotCon exclusive Waruder figure Parasite. Parasite was also made in these colors as a homage (unreleased toys was a theme that year) and later found life as Skywasp (BotCon toys often represent more than one character). So we're looking at a Predacon OR a Waruder depending on your preferences. Seeing that this toy is officially Skywasp the Predacon on the box... that's what I'm going with. Because seriously, what's with making this so dang confusing? Skywasp, like other insects in this set, comes with his extra mold sprue head (that was used on Buzzsaw). If you're in the mood for making a Waruder from this toy, that's a perfect one to use. I always liked the more robotic head from the original toy because it had those classic G1 looks.

Skywasp is a straight repaint of Legacy Waspinator. I've talked about him here before and 3 different versions of this mold later, I still really like it. It really looks great in these colors and considering the Halloween Horrorcon origins kinda makes for a decent scary fly toy. If anything a Creepy Crawlers or Mad Scientist creation that got co-opted into your families decorations. In robot mode he's decently articulated and carries over some bug kibble from insect mode. That's just a part of some beast era designs that persist even in today's engineering. Alt mode kibble is part of Transformers that you either deal with or don't. It's not too bad on the Waspinator mold in my opinion, just impossible to ignore. Transformation is reasonably easy, though you'll have to get some things just right. I think that's just something that's coming with the current design team. I don't know if the engineering is done with CAD models or sculpted by hand like the old days. Not sure if that accounts for any of that, but it's an observation I've been making for awhile now. Skywasp is pretty great and finishes out a really cool set. Creatures Collide was something I really wanted and bought on site... and waited a year to talk about.

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