Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello, we're The Halloween Horrorcons

You know how in late August stores start putting the back to school stuff on clearance and the Halloween stuff starts trickling in? That's pretty much what just happened to Zone Base. We're entering Halloween season and I'm pumped. It's my favorite time of year and this is something I've been wanting to do since launching the site in April.

So, while I'm pretty much going to write the same kind of posts, the weekly spotlight is going to highlight the more in season characters from here until Halloweens over. I'm sure I'll also write some more posts that are in the spirit, but they'll be regular posts as well. But hey, what's a Halloween Horrorcon?


In 2003, during the heyday of the Transformers Universe line (when it was a repaint line, before it was used for classics, not the game, it's confusing, I know) there was plans for a Walmart Halloween toy exclusive set called the Halloween Horrorcons.


They were Beast Wars molds in Halloween-ish colors in two 2 packs. I really wanted them as well...duh, it's a combination of some of my favorite things. Unfortunately it was cancelled, which shouldn't be too surprising as Walmart had a lot of planned Universe exclusives, and a few were dropped for various poopy reasons.

Waspinator, this one actually got homaged in a BotCon set.

I've always wished they would have happened and become an annual thing. Sometimes I see a kinda spooky or outright monstery TF toy and picture them as one of the Halloween Horrorcons. That's the kind of thing us cool kids do.


So I guess that's kind of what I'm doing with the Spooky Spotlight posts, I'm assembling lost potential. I'm assembling Halloween Horrorcons that never were or to be. So from now, until the end of the season, every Wednesday morning, there's going to be a Spooky Spotlight. Highlighting the oooooky and spoooky and creeeeepy and... uh scary robots.

It's what us cool kids do.

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