Thursday, October 19, 2023

Jackie and Friends want you to be safe

It's not Halloween without everybody and their cousins mother telling you to be safe. While the legitimacy of some Halloween urban legends can be debated... it's a pretty good idea to be a little extra careful when taking candy from strangers. You know, I love these old safety films for various reasons. One is discovering things I've never heard of.  Jackie and Friends Sandwicheria is probably out of business as I get absolutely no results from Google about them. However they clearly were popular enough in 1976 (or 1977, it's not clear) to sponsor an animated short promoting safety for trick or treaters. I'm pretty impressed that they didn't only teach the same old stuff... but also preached some manners to kids. The cartoons pretty great, I really like the Pumpkin Head monster scaring the gang at the end... and did Jackie loose an eye?

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