Monday, September 18, 2023

Oh Lord, it's Monday

I need the Lords of Light to help me get through another Monday. If you've got a good eye, you probably noticed some Micronaut toy molds getting reused. Those things really got around. I'm sitting in my chair, eating some microwave pancakes with a cup of decaff coffee watching Beast Machines. Life is good, even if I'm specifically groggy right now. Speaking of Beast Machines, it premiered 24 years ago today. I see you all have been enjoying the Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem here on the site. As hard as it is to believe that we've halfway through it already, I'm hard at work for the especially spooky October posts. Zone Base is a big place. There's one area that none of the Micromasters go on purpose. A street without lights ending in at a spooky old house near a cemetery.

Speaking of Monday, this was a good weekend. I got lots of cool things. The Mrs took Friday off and picked me up Legacy Armada Megatron, a Micro Galaxy Squadron blind box, a TMNT mystery ooze, and a skeleton butterfly figure. I love the weird skeleton animal figures stores stock for Halloween and this one is a champion! Saturday I picked up Studio Series 86 Brawn and Game Edition Cliffjumper. I aslo picked up another Micro Galaxy Squadron blind box and a 12 inch Godzilla. It's the 1954 version by Playmates. They've really come along way from those rough early figures. This looks and feels like a premium toy. Those last two Toxitron collection Transformers figures continue to ellude me, but I won't give up. 

Speaking of Halloween, man this season is going to be a good one. All the neon and rustic designs are amazing. I really like the variety of costumes this year. My local Walmart has Transformers, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Godzilla, Demon Slayer, TMNT, Creepypasta creatures, and more! It's awesome! Well, I've got some household chores to do and some more toy pictures to take. October is right around the corner and I've got a schedule to keep!

Thanks to each and every one of your support. It means so very much to me. I don't have any ads or do any begging, I just crank out the content because I love this stuff! We're all enjoying our hobbies together and all I ask is that you share the posts with your friends. That's it, no patreon or locked behind pay wall content. Too many greedy people out there and I refuse to be one. However, I'd love for everyone who'd want to see what I have to say to find the site. So if you're sharing my posts, I appreciate it a whole lot. I appreciate all of you reading. Thank you so much. Let's try to have a great week. I've got some fun stuff planned for the week... have you guys heard of that spooky house down that street. The Micromasters say Zodiac Energy doesn't reach there. I've heard it's a portal to the Bloody Zone...

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