Monday, September 25, 2023

Making Monday Rock

Oh crap, it's Monday. Thanks for coming back for another week here on Planet Zone. I had a pretty great weekend that I wish would have lasted longer. Saturday was a busy day that pretty much saw me get no rest, a lot done, and even family dinner at Olive Garden. While the Mrs's car was at the garage for some minor work, we went to Barnes and Nobles and Spirit Halloween. I got a cool book on Japanese folklore and black magic. It has a great guide on yokai and even a directory of spells and rituals. Spirit was fun, but disappointing. Our local one for the past 2 years has been opening up later in smaller locations with less stock. I miss the grander stores with impressive displays and mini walk throughs. The Mrs did pick me up a cool vintage style vampire mask from a visit to the store earlier in the week. I love those.

I picked up Trashmaster and a Micro Galaxy Squadron blind box from Target. Haven't gotten all the Junkions yet unfortunately, but happy for the ones I find. Later a trip to Walmart resulted in the last two Toxitron Collection Transformers I needed! The set is complete!!! Now to focus on the remaining Beast Alliance toys that may be harder to find as the movie line winds down. I hope to pick up Studio Series Ultra Magnus soon. I don't have a Paetron, so one didn't get pre-ordered. Not to be outdone, my Mom suprised me with a MOTU Origins Snout Spout! It was a good weekend for toys!

I spent a lot of time watching Universal Monsters movies Sunday and playing F-Zero 99. Playing F-Zero 99, not winning. That game is pure chaos. Earlier Sunday, I took the Mrs to Five Below for a Squishmallow event. This time it was new Halloween themed ones. The first store we went to hadn't had their stock, which was disappointing. That store usually goes fully into the events and even has their own meet and greets. So we went to the next one that had their crap together! She got her plushes and I finally found the Authentics Optimus Primal!

Oddly enough there was a cosplayer dessed as Alucard from Hellsing walking around. She was with another anime fan type, so I'm assuming there was a nearby event. The past week Ive seen a few of the leather jacket and sunglasses while wearing those fast food uniform black pants type of anime fan. Those seem to be an evergreen type of fan here in the states... am I the only one who's notices? Feels like a lifetime of seeing them grazing in the wild.

I had extended to watch the new TMNT movie this weekend, but didn't work it in. After this months Transform Squadron gets recorded today, I might. Thanks to each and every one of you for reading Zone Base. The number of you keeps rising and I really appreciate it. If you like what I'm doing, thanks! If you could, would you mind sharing with your friends? I don't ask for anything, but I'd love for anyone who'd like to read Zone Base to have the chance. I've got a fun week planned, let's get it started!

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