Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Wheeljack (1 Step Flip Changers/EarthSpark)

Getting back to the 1 Step Flip Changers from EarthSpark (because I like them) is today's look at Wheeljack. While I've always I enjoyed 1 Step Transformers for various reasons, it's taken me a minute to figure out what it is about these newer Flip Changer versions that I like. I think for the most part, it's because they remind me of Gobots in a way. Certainly not all of them, but a good bit of them have similar proportions. Obviously Gobots had articulation and had to be manually transformed, this is just a slight similarity. With Wheeljack, I'm reminded of the Machine Robo version of Major Mo a little. Similar car, similar robot (the head obviously isn't the same).

Wheeljack of course transforms automatically, however does so with the "butterfly knife" transformation so many 1 Step Transformers use. It's been almost 10 years of this and I've yet to tire of this simple transformation. Wheeljack, like the other Flip Changers doesn't have any articulation (boo), is pretty pleasant regardless. He's just a likable little toy. I will say some more colors would be great as the little bit looks nice on the mostly all white toy... but also the mostly all white could use some more. I understand that these are inexpensive toys and there's some budgetary trimming... but that's bullshit. Core Class costs the same and are fully functional and colored. These should be cheaper. Aside from that, Wheeljack is a very pleasant little robot. I see that a recolor of this mold as Breakdown is on the way and... while it doesn't look like Breakdown, I do find it pleasant looking. Maybe a Major Mo version could come along just to make me happy.

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