Monday, August 7, 2023

War of the New Week

Monday has reared it's ugly head again signaling the beginning of another new week. Fortunately you've got Zone Base to get you through it. Hope you're enjoying this year's Halloween party so far. We've got 3 months of Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem to go and we're already off to a good start. 

I spent this weekend on and off sleeping and doing odd tasks. I had intentions to start assembling furniture for home office space for the Mrs, however those plans got moved to next weekend. We did get some shopping done that unfortunately didn't bring anymore Toxitron Collection Transformers home. That's going to be a big thing for the next few months untill I complete the set. I did score Nemesis Leo Prime. So that's something. There's some new Buzzworthy Bumblebee stuff available that I held off of until going to Walmart. I think next weekend Target will have to come after Walmart for when there's no new Toxitron in stock.

I finally grabbed a new figure from the new TMNT movie, Michelangelo! I plan to get all 4 core turtles and probably Splinter. Though doing that a figure at a time each week. It's fun doing it this way, trust me. I found myself in and out of little sleep comas all weekend as I was very tired.  However while awake I found myself watching lots of the Transformers channel on Roku. It's a newer version of the Pluto TV version that seems to be the same, but shows entire seasons or series on the weekends. The Pluto TV TMNT channel has begun showing the classic show as well.

Streaming TV has slowly outdone the convention video room, but online watch parties are a lot more accessible. I did find myself looking at a lot of old Bandai Spiral Zone art. I absolutely love Bandai and wish I was more into Spiral Zone. Of course the cartoon is on YouTube incase I ever put in some watch time. However that old art from Bandai's version of it is just wonderful.

Well, I should finish my breakfast and get the day going. I'm having a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with some yogurt. Hoping that helps with the upset stomach I've woken up with today (ugh). I hope everyone has a great week, there's some fun stuff planned this week here on Planet Zone. Thank you all for reading and please share with your friends!

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