Friday, August 18, 2023

Optimus Prime with Chainclaw (Beast Alliance/Beast Weaponizers)

Getting back to Beast Alliance, we're taking a look at Optimus Prime. This toy of Optimus is like the others in it's class in that you have a very similar to Core Class figure (about Robot Master sized) with a Beast Battle Master partner included. You all know I'm a fan of partner figures and this gimmick, so obviously I like this set. Thing is, I really like this set. There's just no getting over just how awesome the idea is. Optimus Prime has a wolf that turns into a chainsaw. In the future, the product description will be in a book of great poetry. Let's talk about Chainclaw for a second. He's a wolf or maybe a dog, that's not clear nor is the gender. I'm just assuming. Like Arrowstripe, Chainclaw is a more simple Beast Battle Master than the individually packed ones. It is what it is. 

Chainclaw is a name reuse of an older G1 guy. This kind of thing happens, especially with glorified accessories. It just is what it is. There's not much sense getting too worked up over it, not to mention the whole wolf/chainsaw things just kinda makes everything better. The chainsaw of course can be held by Optimus Prime, but is compatible with most 5mm ports and hands. 

Speaking of Optimus... since he's technically the main figure of the set (personally I bought the set for Chainclaw)... he's a pretty standard Optimus Prime. The intention is a representation of his appearance in Rise of the Beasts, though could really be his classic self if you so desired. I wouldn't be too surprised to see this figure pop up elsewhere down the road. Or any other Beast Alliance figures either, they could work in multiple places and I almost think that was intentional. Optimus is decently articulated for a toy his size and price class and honesty pretty nice. Like, there's nothing bad to really say here. If you came in expecting the smaller toy at a lower price to be a Masterpiece style toy, you fully deserve that disappointment. If you come in knowing what you're getting... you'll be pleasantly surprised. That's been my general impression with Beast Alliance toys. The Beast Weaponizers are generally nicer figures than the others. Optimus could use a little extra paint, which is obviously a price cutting issue. If you're prone to customs or adding extra detail to your toys, he's a prime candidate. I'm not apologizing for the pun. 

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