Monday, August 21, 2023

New Week Extreme!

Holy crap, it's Monday again. Of course that means another week here on Planet Zone! I hope everyone had a good weekend, I did and I'm personally pissed off that it's over! Saturday we ate at my Mom's house with my brother's family. It was a nice BBQ dinner! Afterwards the Mrs and I went to Walmart and Home Depot for various needed stuff. While out, I picked up Toxitron Collection Mirage and Laser Cycle! Just two more to go! I also grabbed Mutant Mayhem Raphael, just one more to go before the teams complete! Apparently the mini Super Mario Bros movie figures have gotten new toys. I got Tanookie suit Mario and one of the new 3.0 Bakugan figures. Which one? I forgot his name! Dammit! I aslo got Monster Cereal, it's officially Halloween!

While at Mom's house I was gifted a WWE Superstars Undertaker figure. This is the line that Mattel replaced Masters of the WWE Universe figures with. Same MOTU style figures, but in their classic gimmicks. The Mrs and I enjoyed a late supper while watching Cobweb on Amazon Video. It's a fun new Halloween themed horror movie. Really good, but the ending reeked of studio involvement. You know, when suddenly it feels like another movie all together?  Sunday morning we had french toast before taking the Mrs to Bed Bath and Bodyworks and a stop for me at Barnes and Nobles. 

I intended to get some Kitaro manga, however none was to be found. So instead I got a book of Japanese ghost stories. August is ghost season over in Japan and other Asian countries. I love all the stories that come from Obon and Hungry Ghost Festival each year. It's only appropriate to indulge in a little yokai fun. Not to mention, I just like Barnes and Nobles. Well, I got a fun week planned for all of you. Thank you so much for reading Zone Base. Halloween is in full swing and a new pumpkin spice infused episode of Transform Squadron is coming your way soon! Be sure to share with your friends!

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