Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Nemesis Leo Prime (Legacy Evolution/Voyager Class)

As happy as I was to get the updated Lio Convoy, it's probably no surprise that I'd be all over his repaint. I have a few different Lio Convoy toys from over the years, but this is the first 'black' version that I've gotten. Takara often does a 'black' version of some of it's toys. It's a simple repaint and often used as a special edition. With Hasbro, it's usually an easy repaint called 'Nemesis' instead of 'Black'. In Beast Wars II, Black Lio Convoy was a result of the Copy Machine creating an 'evil' version of Lio Convoy and some of the other Cybertrons. Black Lio Convoy was a much more arrogant character than Lio Convoy as these 'evil' mirror image types tend to be reversals of the characters they're based on. It's an old trope that's fun if handled right.

So far there hasn't been much to make me think Nemesis Leo Prime is a separate character, other than he's in the Velocitron Speedia 500 manga as a background character. I guess he could be another guy. There's also Dark Amber Leo Prime, who's a repaint of the Masterpiece Lio Convoy and another character. Dark Amber Leo Prime is created from the body of Lio Convoy/Leo Prime (spoiler, he died... like all Transformers leaders do regularly) and some of Unicron's energy. Bluebolt thought it would be a good idea to revive Lio Convoy to save the dying universe (in Transformers, our words are in danger... always). Of course he isn't Lio Convoy reborn, but a new character who borders on good and evil for a bit. Not sure if he saved the universe yet, but if that's him in the crowds on Velocitron... 

Really, I wanted to talk about this new toy, but as it's a straight repaint of one I got not too long ago, there's not too much to say. Despite his naming, Nemesis Leo Prime is more than just a black repaint. There's a mixture of dark gray and teal in the mix creating a very pretty toy. I do wish there was some new feature added for this figure, but he's  literally an easy repaint. I don't mind though as it is what it is, and repaints in Transformers is just how it is. Either way, I'm happy with my purchase. Lio Convoy is one of those Transformers characters I hold in a higher regard. Whenever I get the chance to buy a new toy of him, I usually jump on it (assuming I'm able). Prior versions of Black Lio Convoy were special editions, so having a version available at general retail is hard to complain about. 

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