Monday, June 5, 2023

I heard it through the Weekend

It's another Monday here on Planet Zone and frankly I didn't do much at all this weekend. I pretty much spent it at home getting some rest and doing things around the house. The Transformers channel was playing G1 all weekend and it was on in the background while I did various things like assemble new yard furniture and play old video games on my Q90. I did download Decarnation on my Switch. I had been looking forward to it for a few weeks after learning about it on Instagram. While it isn't the game I thought I was getting, it is pretty interesting. I see the first week of Beast Summer has been a hit. We're just getting started and I've got a fun time planned. Remember, just because it's Beast Summer doesn't mean it's beast warriors only. However they're obviously getting a starring role. Beastbox and others will be making a showing too! Thank you for supporting Zone Base. All I ask from my readers is too share my posts with others. We're all enjoying our hobbies together and that means the more the merrier!

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