Friday, May 26, 2023

Optimus Prime (Beast Alliance/Battle Changers)

I'm taking another look at the Beast Alliance Battle Changers with Optimus Prime. He is a better representative of the size class than Bumblebee with gimmick compatibility. Battle Changers Optimus is similar to a Legion/Legend class toy only sized up. I can see that being a turn off for some folks, but if you know what you're getting going in... then it just is what it is. Battle Changers are meant to be a lower cost option and seeing as they're to scale with the higher priced Beast Alliance figures... it kinda works out. I'd be lying if the fact that this lower priced option is what I paid for a deluxe about 11-12 years ago didn't irk me... but times change.

Optimus turns into a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT), which is a militarily truck that's kinda like a hardcore version of his standard semi truck. Personally, I think this fits Optimus pretty well. It looks cool. As you'd expect the transformation to robot mode is fairly simple and you end up with a fairly satisfying figure of Optimus Prime. Optimus has a basic level of articulation, arms move from the shoulders and legs from the hips. His forearms do swivel from transformation adding a little extra possibility. Like I said prior, he has compatibility with the lines gimmicks. Specifically the Battle Masters. Optimus can hold one in weapon mode or it can plug into his forearms. Like other Battle Changers so far, he has a flip out weapon. His sword from prior movies folds out and it's pretty neat.

Battle Changers Optimus Prime is a fun simple toy that's probably not going to be for everyone. That's ok... there's literally a ton of product coming out for this movie, so I'm sure there's a little something for everyone. This is clearly intended for children to have little adventures with that's more affordable in these somewhat harder economic times. Considering this toy was probably designed during the pandemic with expectations for the current economy in mind... just think what's in store about two years from now.

For somebody who likes gimmick toys and enjoys oddball little things like myself, Battle Changers are pretty neat. They're an entryway, lower cost figure for a play pattern designed sub line. Honestly I do wonder if these will continue past Rise of the Beasts as it sure is a pretty fleshed out system for a movie tie in line. I've been a fan of these simpler toys for some time now anyway as they make me think of older style robot designs. While I've been happy to see the advances in things going forward, older style robot toys still had a place in my heart.

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