Friday, April 14, 2023

Ratchet (Studio Series 86/Core Class)

Ratchet is one of those classic Transformers characters that I have a real fondness for and generally jump on toy updates of. So it's not surprise that his most recent Core Class figure in the Studio Series 86 line was a must have for me. Fortunately the Mrs got me one for Christmas (I've still got a back log). So far I've been really happy with the Studio Series 86 line and generally a big fan of the Core Class in general. Getting a cool figure of a character I like in a line I like at a scale I like? I like it!

Like most Core Class figures, Ratchet is smaller and more simple than larger figures. That's part of the charm of this class, they're relatively inexpensive, pleasant, and pleasantly simple. Considering the economic state of the world currently, I can realistically see Core Class becoming the standard Transformers figure size in the future. Considering what they're doing with the class as well as Warrior Class and the Rise of the Beasts mainline... there seems to be some experimenting going on.

I'd be ok with it as... man things are getting crazy expensive. A deluxe class toy (normally the standard size class) is $25 currently. That's cutting a little close to comfort and a hobby should never feel like a burden. I've said before that I've toyed with the idea of mainly buying smaller figures and occasionally getting the larger ones. With the way things are going, it looks like that may be the direction I go. Fortunately, the smaller and cheaper toys are super pleasant. So it won't be a bad thing for me. Though I could see some fan types tasking issue with it (that always seem to ask for financial support or get plenty of review samples... hrm)

The van is pleasant and rolls along well, the robot mode looks right and has a decent amount of articulation. I do wish he had an Autobot sticker on the front of the ambulance. There's some on his shoulders, but it would complete the package. I could fix it myself, but I have a hard time believing it would affect production costs. I hope that screw gets tightened by the time the Ironhide version of the mold comes out. Why would they release an Ironhide version of the toy when there's one in the line at a higher size class? See what I mean?

Ratchet has those pistols he was blasting Decepticons with right before his death in the 1986 movie. That's a nice touch and adds to the niceness of the figure. They can attach to the sides of the ambulance for storage in vehicle mode… I absolutely love the visage of an ambulance with guns. This is a super little figure. It’s neat and makes for a good update of Ratchet at a price that’s reasonable. I find myself really liking Core Class more and more. If they keep being such solid toys, for less money, Hasbro may find them talking over sales. Which might be the plan.

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