Friday, February 17, 2023

Ironhide in 1986 Missions

Studio Series 86 figures are really neat. They're updates of the classic G1 characters as they appeared in the 1986 movie. Like all Studio Series figures, they're a higher grade toy. Ironhide here is a voyager class toy that's way nicer than I thought he'd be. Going in, I was prepared for just another Ironhide... just bigger. Instead I got a very premium feeling figure that almost feels like the first draft of a Masterpiece Ironhide toy. He's surprisingly good, especially considering just how simple the toy looks.

Classic Ironhide is a pretty standard looking robot that turns into a boxy van. He's pretty plain. Who'd have thunk they'd given him so much articulation? You could probably roll him up into a ball. Considering this is a Studio Series toy, one could probably reenact some of his famous scenes from the 1986 movie. Shoots a gun or gets shot by a gun. Considering he's hardly in the movie and got a fairly accurate toy in Earthrise... I'm guessing somebody REALLY wanted to make this figure. I'm glad they did, because it's a really nice toy. If I had any complaints, I found the transformation to be a little tricky. Not particularly hard or anything, just fiddled with his parts more than I would have liked. Not enough to ruin it though. In my mind, this is probably the best toy of G1 Ironhide ever made. You heard me.

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