Monday, April 17, 2023

Master the New Week

It's a new week here on Planet Zone and dang that weekend went by too fast! Friday the Mrs found some Rise of the Beasts stuff for me, followed up with us finding more Saturday. That's in addition to picking up Legacy Metalhawk and Bomb-Burst. We got quite a lot, it was exciting. Thanks to Beast Alliance toys having an actual fair price, I got a lot. Prices are getting out of hand. That's another plus to the awesome Beast Alliance line. 

Sunday we went to a family dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse that turned out to be a bad decision. We eat there regularly, but always take out. It was over crowded and our party was shoved into a booth just a little too small. Welp, not eating inside there any longer. Take out only. The rest of the day was fine back at mom's place, but dang that was an uncomfortable dinner. Earlier we had stopped at Pop Shelf and I grabbed some blind bag clip figures based on Universal Studios horror movies that weren't their classic monsters. 

We got figure versions of Chucky in his Good Guys box and the They Live poster. I also got a Transformers blind bag labled as a wacky walker, but was a straight up articulated keshi. I got Megatron. Don't recall any news sites reporting these, but considering they aren't expensive figures from sponsors, no surprise. There's an Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Soundwave in the series too. Think I'll try to get more. They're neat. I like Pop Shelf, need to go there more often.

I worked in a play through of Aliens vs Predator (the Capcom Arcade game) and a little Drill Dozer on GBA. I wish I had more weekend, but I guess if they went on forever they wouldn't be as special. That's bs, I'd be happy. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base. I've got a fun week in store. It's the last normal week before our next special event! If you like what I'm doing, please share posts with your friends!

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