Monday, April 3, 2023

Don't let this week be a Shocker

Another weekend has passed heralding the arrival of a new week here on Planet Zone! I had a great weekend. My birthday was last week, so Saturday the Mrs showered me with gifts and we enjoyed pizza with ice cream and cake. It was a good time. I got plenty of Transformers and BeastBox toys. Not only that but some Super Mario, Masters of the Universe, and even Dungeons and Dragons toys to boot! I would list them all here, but that's a little tacky. I don't ask for money and that immediately follows such a thing. Though I'm sure a picture will be posted on my social meadia soon enough.

I watched Halloween cartoons all night before enjoying Sunday morning doing some shopping. We went to Five Below for a Squishmallow event. Which was a bust as the big drop didn't go as planned to the disappointment of those in attendance. We decided to visit another store for greater success. Next weekend is Easter and the Mrs has an Easter egg hunt planned for me. That sounds fun, I wonder how that's going to go. I've got to put together her basket soon. Though we'll do a little last minute shopping Saturday, so I'm sure I'll add to hers then as well. That's next weekend though, so we should get this week started off! I have some fun posts for you all. Thank you for reading Zone Base. If you like what I do, please share posts with your friends. I'd hope they'd enjoy it too!

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