Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Demolition He-Man

I'm endlessly interested when toy companies reuse various molds for other lines. It's a common practice that can sometimes be very obvious when done... and not so much other times. Toy production is very expensive and these companies are out to make money, so it makes sense to reuse what assets they have. Movie tie in toys are going to be short lived on shelves and attention spans are likely going to shift quickly. Sure, Star Wars or other long running franchises are a different story. However something like Demolition Man from 1993... even the companies knew it was a gamble.

The toy line heavily reused molds from The New Adventures of He-Man. There were new head sculpts and weapons, but considering the prior line had recently wrapped up (1989-1992) this was pretty brazen for Mattel. Some of those figures were probably still on toy shelves at the same. The Battle Baton Spartan figure featured in the commercial was clearly a repaint of the standard He-Man and impossible to ignore next to each other. Some of the other figures are harder to tell... but that's impossible once you see it.

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