Friday, April 7, 2023

Bumblebee (EarthSpark/Deluxe)

EarthSpark is a generally pleasant Transformers series that I have hardly anything to complain about. Of course Bumblebee is one of the stars of the series, so he's getting plenty of toys. Fortunately I'm a Bumblebee fan and enjoy his design in EarthSpark, so you'll hear no complaints from me. Today we'll be looking at his deluxe class toy from the toy line. I said I like his design, and I do. The yellow doesn't match on his various parts. I suspect that has to do with the yellow on different plastics used on the toy. It's not a deal breaker for me, just an inconvenience.

Another thing I don't like is that I find his robot mode arms just a little too short. The car fenders look really cool as shoulder pads... but I could have used a little extra arm length. Once again, not a deal breaker. I get accused some times of being too positive, so i thought I'd lead with the things I don't like about the toy. Honestly they're just some minor quibbles as I actually like this toy a lot. It's really cool looking. His gun/stinger turns into a car thingy that fits on the car roof. I'd like to think it's Tupperware that was forgotten up there. Grandma sent some lasagna home and somehow it just didn't fall off.

Bumblebee is very well articulated and his transformation is pleasant. I really like the car mode. While I prefer Bumblebee to be his traditional Volkswagen form or a sporty small car when they have to go another route... I don't mind his sports car forms. In EarthSpark they actually give an in story reason for it and it works pretty well in story. Seeing as that episode was pretty recent, I won't spoil, but found it pretty sensible. This time they got a little more creative with his sports car and it's a pretty sharp ride. I'd like to see this mold repainted into other characters (maybe with a different head) and I keep picturing this car in black. It'd make a great Drench.

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