Monday, March 13, 2023

Terror of a New Week

Hope everyone is looking forward to a new week! Me... I'm a little sleepy. Daylight Savings time happened over the weekend and it always throws me off for a few days. The weekend was good, though I can't say alot happened. New episodes of The Mandelorian and 1000 lbs Sisters was watched. We had a nice dinner with Mom at Olive Garden Sunday. Gargoyle's Quest was played... it was cold and rainy. 

As far as toys go, I finally found Shadowstrip at Walmart completing the Velocitron Speedia 500 collection (unless they release any more). This little set of exclusives meant a whole lot to me for some reason and now I'm ecstatic to have them all. I almost bought a few more EarthSpark flip changers, but held off. With Toylanta coming and my birthday at the end of the month... I kinda feel guilty indulging too much. 

I did grab a set of the Dollar Tree Power Rangers figures. I was hoping to find more Final Faction, but sadly they haven't restocked. The Rangers though are a nice little set of mini figures. It's the MMPR team, sadly without the Yellow Ranger. I found it ironic as I passed out while watching Zyuranger Saturday night before finding these Sunday. I love Pluto Tv, speaking of which, they're doing a Beast Wars/Beast Machines thing today. There's a cool re-airing of Beast Wars happening in Japan thanks to Rise of the Beasts... so I like to think this is our equivalent here in the states. 

Despite being very sleepy, I've got a fun week in mind for you all. Thanks for reading Zone Base. It means so much to me that you all support this little fan blog. If you could share it with your friends, that be awesome. Well, I've got some chores to do between watching Beast Wars on Pluto Tv. We've got a new bird bath that could use some adjustment. 

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