Friday, February 3, 2023

Wild Boy in Core Missions

Folks like to dump on Wheelie, but every time he gets a new toy, they gobble it up. Despite all the hate, he has a neat design. Most of the vitriol comes from the annoying voice from the cartoon. It doesn't bother me a lot (but does get old at times). A lot of my love for Wheelie comes from 'The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson'. This is a children's story book that paints a much more badass picture of him. I had gotten this book right around the time Wheelie started appearing on the show and it shaped my view of him. I'm always up for new toys of him... the kid's a badass.
This new figure of Wheelie was another Christmas gift from my wife. She absolutely spoils me on holidays, so there's gonna be a lot covered here... and stuff not. As a Core Class toy, Wheelie is excellent. Admittedly I'm hard pressed to not enjoy a Core Class, but Wheelie is exceptionally well done. As a smaller character he generally gets smaller toys and they nailed it this time. Wheelie is fairly articulated and is packing his trademark sling shot that can store easily in car mode. If there's any negatives about Wheelie, it's that his hands just hang off the back in car mode and don't tuck away any. I suppose if the size class's limitations were going to kick in... its here. Aside from that, this may be the best toy of the character yet.

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