Monday, February 6, 2023

Weekly Update- 2/6/23 not only on Paramount Plus

Another week has started here on Planet Zone and with it another week of fun. I spent the weekend watching 1000lbs Sisters and paranormal television. I also cleaned my bathroom, so there's that. As far as toys, the Mrs's gifted me ReAction Jet Jaguar and '54 Godzilla. Later at Walmart I picked up Earth Spark Deluxe Bumblebee and Twitch. You know, I was planning to mainly get the warriors from this line... but Mandroid is tempting. To be honest, my mind has 100% been on Rise of the Beasts. I am so excited for this... I don't think I even care if the movie sucks at this point. The toys look ssssoooooo good. It's going to be a Beast Saga Summer here on Zone Base. I'm not being silly either, between Halfway to Halloween and Halloween will be a whole summer of beast warrior fun. 

But, let me tell you about this Digimon I got. So, apparently 2023 is the year of the Digivice as I have mine on me 24-7. A Digimon has a lifespan before it dies and you have to start over. My Blitzgreymon lived it's entire lifespan and died Saturday of old age, but not before one more legendary battle. I put this digital monster through some real battles during its time. Some losses, but mostly wins. However Saturday morning while waiting for my grocery pickup order, he found himself in a real war with an opponent that couldn't be beaten. Fight after fight, he lost. The last fight, he beat that monster in an epic showdown. A little later, as I slept, I was woken by my Digivice playing the somber tones of the funeral march. It just seemed like such an amazing end.

I waited until Sunday night to start over, you gotta take a break between monsters. This round I'm raising a team with hopes of combination. If you're following me on Instagram, the Digivice is the star of my stories. Speaking of stories, mine is currently watching wrestling before doing some chores. The story of this week looks to be a fun one that I hope you all enjoy reading. Thank you so much for continuing to support Zone Base. I know there's bigger and better sites out there and this is just some podunk fan blog. But hey, I never beg you for money. All I ask is that if you can, please share posts with your friends. Thanks for reading and let's get this week started!

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