Monday, January 23, 2023

Weekly Update- 1/23/23

A new week has arrived on Planet Zone! I could have used more of the weekend, but such is life. It was the Mrs's birthday, so I spent it taking her shopping and generally spoiling her. I also got in the new episode of 1000lbs Sisters and some Junji Ito Maniac on Netflix watched. Speaking of, the new season of Demon Slayer is finally on Netflix and I've been patiently for it. Sure it's been on other services, but I'm not paying for another streaming app. I did manage to get a few things for myself even though I wasn'tplanning on it. I picked up EarthSpark Deluxe Megatron, two Micro Galaxy Squadron blind boxes, and Nova Pegatrix from Bakugan Legends. I was pleasantly gifed a DK-2 Guard, the Transformers Generations Selects toy from my mother. Woo-hoo surprise Diaclone! I've got a fun week in store for you all. Thanks for supporting Zone Base. If you like what I do here, please spread the word! Sharing posts is easy and free! I absolutely make no money off this, I'd just like folks to read it.

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