Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Weekly Halloween- Haunted Lavatory

Public restrooms can be scary enough sometimes, let alone the ones ata  school. Though I think a ghost terrorixzing you while sitting in there just might be worse than some bully banging on the door and laughing.  Depending on who tells you the story, Hanako-san was either murdered by a stranger or a parent in a school restroom. Sometimes the story says she (sadly) killed herself or was the victim of an World War II air raid while in the restroom.

All of the origin stories are pretty sad. If you choose to summon Hanako-san, you must individuially go inside a girls restroom inside a school, knock three times on the third stall and ask if Hanako-san is present. If she's there, she's answer with form of 'yes, i am'. You'll then see a ghostly or bloody hand. Either that hand or Hanako-san will pull you into the toilet or straight to hell! Or maybe just eaten by a three-headed lizard for disturbing her privacy. Like most urban legends there's a lot of variations depending on who's telling the story. I'm assuming that person didn't actually attempt it themselves...

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