Monday, October 17, 2022

Weekly Update 10/17/22

Looks like another week is starting up here on Planet Zone! I hope everyone had a good weekend, I sure did! The Mrs and I got candy including some mini Pez dispensers to give out to the kids on Halloween. We may get some more Pokémon trick or treat cards next weekend, if we don't open them for ourselves (again). We watched Halloween Ends Saturday night (which I already posted about) while enjoying some food from Longhorn Steakhouse. I don't eat out much anymore, so when I do, I really enjoy it. I'll be having some Happy Meals the next few weeks to get those sweet new buckets! Gonna do some healthy eating to compensate, don't worry! Definitely after taking a short road trip to the nearest Krispy Kreme (over an hour away) for this years Halloween donuts! My favorite holiday is full of junk food, fortunately I watch what I eat the rest of the year.

Some good toys were got this weekend as well. Legacy Knock-Out and Wildrider was picked up from Target. They had a pretty large amount of Tonkanators as well. I want one, but trying to watch my spending during the holidays. Maybe Santa will bring me one. I also got a Godzilla bag clip  blind bag figure from series 4 ... know what? I'm going to open that right now. It's Gorosaurus! Also 2 more Halloween Kinder Surprise eggs. I haven't opened them yet, just need two more to complete the set. So far only one duplicate, so I'm doing good.

I've got a fun week planned for you all. We've got 2 weeks left of the annual Halloween party. But don't worry, I've got something different in store for next year. There's a new episode of Transform Squadron coming that's gonna have some details about that. I have no clue how many people listen to it, but a lot of people sure do like the spooky side of this site. If you're one of those folks, you should like it. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base. I really appreciate it. If you like what I'm doing here, please share with your friends!

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