Friday, October 7, 2022

Light your Night with Fright!

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I love Halloween. One particular thing (among many, many, many things) I enjoy about the holiday is the little weird oddities. Take the picture above. That's a Fright Light pin. What's it for? Well, you pin it on your shirt/jacket to spread some Halloween cheer. You can't always wear a costume... you might not always want to wear a costume. But something like a Fright Light on your hoodie let's folks know you're up to something spooky.

Fright Lights came in a variety of spooky shapes, the one pictured is a pumpkin (duh), but I've seen skeletons, Frankenstein, and I swear a witch. There was probably others, but that's what I remember the strongest. There was a little switch you could flip to make the eyes light up... and you probably didn't leave it on for long as to not drain the batteries before the end of the season. They also glowed in the dark, because everything should really. Real ones know. Little things like this man... I just love. I can (and do) look at pictures of them all the time... and all year. The packaging alone... just look at it. That should be in a museum, it's high art! I have a real love for Halloween packaging and the Fright Light card is a solid example.

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