Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Because it's Thriller Night

Nothing says Halloween like a horror marathon. The entire season and the big day itself is a great time for TV stations to pull out the classics and not so classics for some prime viewing. No matter if you prefer broadcast, cable, or streaming channels... you'll be sure to find some some spooky fun. Get a soda and kick back. Personally, I'm found of the Pluto Horror Channel and AMC's Fright Fest (as previously noted) these days (not to mention Ghostober). However like many of you, I fondly remember local TV marathons. Back then those small channels would produce their own bumpers for programing in house.

Even though the clips from today's post aren't from any of the channels I grew up with, it feels so familiar. This isn't even a Halloween time slot, it was a weekly programming block. It oozes with Halloween spirit. The vibe may be lost on some of my younger readers, but those a little older probably remember that old packaging that would often adorn such things as spooky sounds tapes and other oddball Halloween merchandise. The more low rent, the more radical the package. I don't know what you're doing Saturday, but I'm watching Thriller and playing SEGA... that actually sounds rad.

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