Friday, September 23, 2022

Running up that Who Hill

As much as I love Stranger Things, Vecna stole a beat or two from the Grinch in this classic Halloween cartoon. I still remember watching it on Disney Channel back in the days that Stranger Things is set in reeling in the nightmare that the Grinch brought with him. Though, as an adult, I'm not scared anymore. While I love the cartoon... it's hard to look past the fact that Euchariah has to take a shit the entire special.

In fact... it's a stinky smell that sets off everything. That 'sour-sweet wind' that gets the Gree-Grumps and Hakken-Krakks going. I mean... it must be Halloween, something stinks and those things are yelling. So everyone goes inside and it isn't until Euchariah has to take a shit and gets blown away by that smelly wind on the way to the outhouse. It must really smell bad, because you can hear the Grinch throw up at one point.

Euchariah (a Who whom needs to poop) foils the Grinch's plans by subjecting himself to all sorts of nightmare within the paraphernalia wagon (while having to shit). This is exactly what Max (from Stranger Things, not the dog) did in season 4. Presumably not while holding a deuce. Or maybe... but who could blame her?

I bet the sour-sweet wind was just the Grinch holding his ass open in front of a fan

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