Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Your house is cool


I think most of us remember that cool house in the neighborhood on Halloween. You know the one. Tons of decorations, music, lights. Maybe they have a little haunted house for the kids to go through. I'd like to think my house is the cool house, but then I see some really elaborate displays and fully admit there's much better out there. Regardless, the cool houses really make the season special. I can remember one house about a block away from mine in the 5th grade.

One of the bigger houses in the neighborhood had some kind of structure came out of the garage and down the driveway. Halloween night I found out that structure was a little haunted house built in the drive way. I don't know if they could tell who I was under my glow in the dark 'terror mask' and horror robe. And it's probably a good idea, because their older kid was a bully. The next day he would be picking on all the kids on the bus that he recognized from screaming the night before. 

I don't know where he is now... but I've got the feeling he's still an asshole.

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