Monday, August 15, 2022

Weekly Update 8/15/22

You may hate Mondays, but hopefully you won't hate the start of a new week on Planet Zone! This weekend went by fast, but I managed to have a good bit of fun. Saturday shopping resulted in myself finding the new Optimus Primal from the newer Rescue Bots style Transformers toys. I've been wanting to get that guy. Super Impulse has apparently started putting the Micro Action Figures I so enjoy in blind packs with miniture comic reprints. The comics are full sized issues at a micro size, they even come with magnifying glasses to read them with. I got Snake Eyes, Bumblebee, and Starscream in the three bought. They're the same price as the normal carded versions too! I've been trying to get the new ones of these, so that was a nice surprise. 

I'd lucked up and found the new Toho series Shin Godzilla by Playmates. Been really hankering for new ones of these as well. Hopefully I can score the rest of the new figures soon. Target had Motormaster, but I held off for now. I'm trying to keep my toy budget under a certain number for now and he can be ordered later. Wonder if I can order Siege Jetfire? Missed out on that one. The Mrs wants me to make a Christmas list after all. A stop by At Home resulted in my early Halloween tradition of a $1 plastic skeleton and a skeleton dragon. Not sure how many more skeleton animals I'll get this season, but sure to get a few more. They pair so well with Battle Tribes and MOTU. 

Saturday night, the Mrs and I took a late night road trip to a Loves Truck stop. There's an exclusive Squishmallow there and it was a great night drive to find one. We didn't find the toy, but I do love a late night drive down a rural back road. We're planning to go to another next weekend, but I do see a Five Below event is next weekend. Guess we'll see. We also got new Crocs. The Mrs had been wanting a new pair and I'm not going to pretend I didn't mind a new pair either. We got some Jibbitz and ordered a few more. We plan to buy 2 each every weekend. Jibbitz are cheap, but the shipping can add up fast!

Sunday, well I slept in and laid around a lot. Obon and Hungry Ghost Festival was this weekend. I stayed up pretty late enjoying paranormal television and that late night drive (listening to ghost stories the entire time) meant for a sleepy Sunday. 60+ hour work weeks can be hard as well. I did manage to assemble 2 Zoids and get started on a Demon Slayer model by Bandai though. I'd do more today, but I got the feeling some video games and napping before work tonight is more on the schedule. The weather is starting to change and that always makes me super sleepy. Here in my homestate, it's very hot during the day and pretty cool at night in August. That makes for a sleepy Rob. 

I've got a fun week planned for you readers. I hope everyone is enjoying Halloween so far. We've got quite a bit of it left, but not quite enough for my liking. I'm looking forward to some dollar store trips this weekend to really enjoy the season. The cool decor is great, but my jam is really those plastic fangs y'all. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base. It's super awesome of you to support the site. If you could share with your friends that'd be amazing. There's no ads or begging. I just hope others enjoy my nonsense.

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