Monday, July 11, 2022

Weekly Update 7/11/22


This weekend sure did go by faster than I'd liked. Oh well, but that doesn't mean we're not going to have a great week Zone Base readers! Over the weekend my routine trip to At Home resulted in some Halloween fun! They had plan-o-grams taped up! The spooky stuff will be arriving soon. I spied a little stock on the feader shelves! They did have some decorative pumpkin candles and I totally grabbed one!

A stop by Cracker Barrel for some exclusive Squishmallows for the Mrs resulted in another bit of early Halloween fun. They had quite a bit available and we left with a cool vintage black cat sign. They also had a pack of dinosaur egg bots that I plan to get later. There's quite a bit I'm looking for now, so I'm being a little frugal. 

Walmart has Sandstorm and Buzzsaw! They also had Nightprowler, but I'd already gotten that pre order in. The other pre orders were canceled and they were bought on sight. I'm not a fan of all these pre orders as is, but when they keep moving the shipping dates back, I like them even less. Walmart also had Fright Features Lucky! She was bought on site as well. None of the other Ghostbusters toys were there, but I'll take what I can get. There's a lot I'm looking for, so what I found was exciting. 

The Mrs and I fell asleep in the living room after some dinner. This resulted in me waking up super early Sunday. Sunday was Ultraman Day and the time allowed me to put in some extra viewing of episodes. Tokushoutsu was doing an all day marathon and getting in some episodes of Ultra Q was a real treat! We had to stop by Five Below before getting groceries as our order had issues resulting in cancelation. It's convenient to order groceries, but occasionally annoying. 

Five Below lately has been having volumes of the Attack on Titan manga and the newest was available. I also picked up a cool Power Rangers building block set. The Rangers with their motorcycles are available and I grabbed Green Ranger! I'll likely get the Red one later. Got some stuff for podcasting and just stuff we needed. 

We intended to do a bunch of house work, but some of that will have to wait until later. Tacos were eaten and Code Orange videos were watched. Plans to order the Nintendo sundaes from Cold Stone Creamery were made, but canceled as delivery orders were expected to take way too long. I almost forgot to mention the cool office stuff I got at Walmart Saturday. A new Trapper Keeper and some notebooks were bought including a Marvel Mech Strike Monster Hunters one! I wasn't expecting to find that but was so happy to have that opportunity!

I've been making TikTok and Reels on Mondays the past few weeks. The Reels are much more popular, but it's flattering that they all get viewers. I don't think I'll be doing any today as I'm pretty wiped out. I stayed up too late watching Ultraman and playing Castlevania Legends on my Family Pocket. It's not the highest regarded Castlevania game, but I can have fun with it still. Today also is the one year anniversary of getting sick last year. I'm doing much better now, but can't help but to look back on how everything changed that day. I've got some errands to run, which is much better than what I was doing last year today. 

I've got a fun week planned for you all. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Spooky Summer posts. I made a change to them this year and it's been fun to make. Though, Halloween is just around the corner and I've been culling some really fun stuff for pumpkin spiced mayhem! Thank you for continuing to support Zone Base. It really does mean a lot that you all continue to do so. Please don't forget to share with your friends!

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