Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Galaxy is Smaller than you'd think


It's clearly a good time to like small toys. In the spirit of the ultra cool Lightyear Hyper Speed Series toys is the new Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron! These are small scale Star Wars vehicles with pilots that can be taken out of the vehicles and used in others. While I don't know exactly, they do look to be around the same size as the Lightyear toys. That means they'd be compatible with other inch men style figures. Like your Diaclones and Zoids. Luke Skywalker could drive Optimus Prime. There's a few different size classes, but I'm most excited for the blind boxed smaller vehicles. Not just because I'm crazy about such things, but they're just right for a little fun whenever. You get a small vehicle (like a Speeder Bike) blind packed with a pilot. That's got the potential to be a lot of fun!

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