Tuesday, June 21, 2022

To Hyperspeed and Beyond!


Some of the coolest toys right now are Buzz Lightyear toys. From the new Lightyear movie (which itself is based on the adventures of the 'real' Buzz Lightyear the character in Toy Story is based on) is a great series of toys by Mattel. There's the standard action figures that look pretty sharp, however it's the Hyperspeed Series we're here to talk about today. These are smaller scaled vehicles from the movie with tiny, almost Diaclone sized pilot figures. Think Star Wars Micro Machines Action Fleet.

While your first impression of Buzz Lightyear is silly and cute, these have some seriously neat sci fi designs. There's a big similarity to other sci fi series in these designs. The Zyclops are a great hybrid of a Zaku and the Yellow Devil robot for example. The various ships resemble a mix of Star Wars and odd ships from various space shooter games. I half expect the Star Bird to make an appearance. There's even Air Raiders and Sky Commanders energy in there. To me anyway. I haven't tried if the pilots could fit inside the cockpit of a G1 Transformer or a Zoid yet. They do look about the same size. Maybe. I'd never imagine in a million years that Buzz Lightyear would have such awesome little toys. But here we are.

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