Monday, June 6, 2022

Weekly Update: 6/6/22


It's the beginning of another new week here on Planet Zone and time for another update! I hope you guys are enjoying Spooky Summer. We'll be enjoying some of the more scarier things out there at a higher volume mixed in the the regular content until August when Halloween moves in! It's a lot of fun and a great way to spend the scorching heat of summer time. This is where I'd make a pun about the chills or something cooling you down if I were a better blogger. 

This weekend was a much more relaxed weekend than normal. I didn't do a weekend report last week due to the holiday. Which was a busy weekend with a lot of shopping in between relaxing. We needed new clothes and got some fun stuff as well! This weekend was mostly spent at home aside from a few errands. Thanks to dropping the Mrs's car off to get a tire fixed taking most of the day, I didn't get much sleep between those errands and random phone call from the shop when they managed to work us in. 

I did work in a pleasant supper of a Morning Star vegetarian buffalo chicken sandwich with some Nathan's crinkle cut fries. I've mentioned my low sodium diet before here and those vegetarian buffalo wings and fries are pretty compatible while being really good. I honestly look forward to eating them and make it a weekend thing. Just right while watching Obi-Wan and some paranormal television. Followed it up with some nice watermelon chunks. 

Sunday was spent playing with some toys from the backlog and napping. I finally played with Legacy Kickback and man I love him. As long time readers know, I do enjoy insect bots. No clue why, just do. Meant to crack open Laser Optimus Prime, just didn't get to it. I really need to play with my Gundam Infinity figures. I got the complete set for Christmas and have a fun plan for them in the future. We ate lunch at my Mom's house. My brother, his wife, and their youngest daughter was there as well. My brother and I worked the grill and cooked up some great T-bones and hamburger sliders. 

Afterwords the Mrs and I meant to do some yard work, but that just didn't happen. I also meant to organize my toy room this weekend, but that didn't happen either. Oh well, there's always next weekend. Now that it's summer, we're prone to staying home more. So it'll get done. I didn't buy any toys this weekend, but I did get something I've been wanting for making TikTok and Reels. You'll see. 

My little videos have been hit or miss, but I've had something in mind for them for a while now. No time like now to get working on that! I meant to find my light tent for this project, but must have put it somewhere other than I remembered. An alternative was constructed in it's absence for the time being. It's been a minute since I've done toy posts here on the site, and a while since doing them on the socials. They'll be back, but without the TV tray. Well, mostly. I do like that thing. 

I've got a fun week in mind for you all. A little heads up, there's going to be an extra bio post this week. I've mentioned before that most content is made in advance and the holiday week threw that off a little. Good thing I like bios posts and you guys clearly like reading them. It won't be 100%, but they'll be a little scarier for summer. We're in for a spooky summer before the pumpkin spiced mayhem and a lot of fun here on Zone Base. Thank you for reading and please don't forget to share with your friends. 

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